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Personal Training Options

Throwing Program Row Header
Throwing program

Elevate throwing mechanics, arm strength, and accuracy with our Throwing Program. Our expert coaches guide athletes through specialized drills and techniques to refine their throwing and pitching skills. Focusing on proper form, velocity, and precision, your athlete will become a formidable force on the field, confidently making accurate throws with enhanced arm strength.

Hitting Program
Hitting Program

Enhance batting mechanics, power, and overall hitting skills with our Hitting Program. Our comprehensive approach provides expert guidance on proper swing mechanics, plate discipline, and increasing bat speed. Your athlete will develop a refined technique, improved power, and consistency at the plate, elevating their offensive game to new heights.

Lesson Training Options

Single Lessons
single lessons are $40 each

Each private lesson is 30 minutes long and includes a trained, professional instructor. You must first buy the lesson in EZ Facility and then book the lesson time in EZ Facility with the instructor (book by the Instructor name) you would like during a time that they show to be "Available."

Our primary instructors are listed below so pick one to buy & book your SINGLE lesson! 👇👇👇

5 Lesson Packs (lessons sold in packs at a discount!)

5 Lessons

only $175 total!

  • Buy 5 Lessons at a $5 Off Discount!
  • Book Your Lessons Anytime (Lessons roll over each month)
  • Book Lessons in Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, or Catching