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Targeted training is driven by Sports Science and Expert Trainers.

⚙️Course programs are geared towards:
  • Youth Players (8U-12U)
  • Intermediate-High School Players (13U-18U)

Welcome to our training programs designed to unleash the full potential of your player. Led by Coach Charlie (seen below)—a former pro baseball player and college baseball coach—and powered by TeamBuildr, our programs are meticulously crafted to target specific areas of development, empowering your athlete with the skills they need to excel on the field.

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Personalized Training Programs for Peak Performance 📈

Throwing Program: Precision and Power on the Mound! ⚾

Elevate throwing mechanics, arm strength, and accuracy with our Throwing Program. Our expert coaches guide athletes through specialized drills and techniques to refine their throwing and pitching skills. Focusing on proper form, velocity, and precision, your athlete will become a formidable force on the field, confidently making accurate throws with enhanced arm strength. DREAM Team Sports Center features certified Rapsodo instructors and multiple Rapsodo stations.

Rapsodo provides the pitcher with near instantaneous feedback on their pitch history, and according to Rapsodo Inc, “pitching metrics, including velocity, spin rate, spin direction, and spin efficiency” (Rapsodo Inc, 2023), are all the measurables on their service. This means the coach can provide the player with the data to back up what the ‘eyes see’, and the player can use the information provided by Rapsodo to make the necessary adjustments and corrections. For instance, if the data is showing the pitcher’s fastball spin direction is more inline with a sinker or a cutter, then the coach can make the adjustments with the player to correct the spin and streamline it more in line with a traditional fastball, or to realign the pitch to develop that sinker or cutter variation. 

Players could also use the Rapsodo technology to develop new pitches. Using the spin direction data and pitch break analysis to develop new pitches in their repertoire, such as a wipeout slider or a big lateral sweeper. Furthermore, here is a great video from Rapsodo where they explain their product. 

The Throwing Program includes:

  • Rapsodo Reports (video analysis: slow motion replays & video breakdowns)
  • Personalized 1 on 1 work with a coach (Mound work, Pitching lab)
  • Live Abs against experienced hitters
  • Personalized lifting and throwing regimen
  • Interpretation of data by a certified instructor
  • Driveline and differential balls
  • Jaeger band Access

The Benefits:

  • Increased velocity (3-5 mph would be ideal)
  • Refined and sharper breaking balls
  • More efficient and streamlined fastballs
  • A plan and approach to the data which will show the best method for the pitcher to attack
  • Cleaner mechanics lead to healthier arms and longer careers.
  • Pitch development (learning new desired pitches)
  • Personalized and specialized training for each individual athlete.
  • Contacts to potentially help the athlete get recruited. 

Hitting Program: Unleash Your Offensive Game! 💯

Rapsodo Hitting 2.0 allows our certified instructors to help hitters achieve their goals! Enhance batting mechanics, power, and overall hitting skills with our Hitting Program. Our comprehensive approach provides expert guidance on proper swing mechanics, plate discipline, and increasing bat speed. Your athlete will develop a refined technique, improved power, and consistency at the plate, elevating their offensive game to new heights.

Hitting Metrics that we’ll focus on with the Rapsodo:

  • Hard hit %-consistent contact
  • Launch angle-measures line drives
  • Direction-ideally you want to hit balls from gap to gap
  • Volume of hits-you want them gap to gap
  • Hit classifications
  • Launch angle by exit direction-are they hitting line drives to both sides of the field
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