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Tournaments are happening (6/10-6/11) this weekend!

Our 9U, 10U Silver & 13U Silver play this weekend!

Thank you for your support at our Tournament and MYBA Games!



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πŸ“£πŸ₯πŸ™Œ Attention, Please! DREAM Team Sports Center is looking for Fall 2023 baseball players that want a great Home Facility in Mansfield/Alvarado & a cutting-edge Baseball Development Organization)!! This Spring, DREAM Team has fielded 9 AA/AAA/Majors teams (over 130 Players in our Development Program) from these age groups (7U-13U) & we’re looking to expand this Fall as well as invite players to our returning teams!

Does your player have interest in the game of baseball and you want them to learn the game the "right way?" DREAM Team Baseball Coaches (all coaches are hired & compensated through our program) and Instructors are certified in Rapsodo, Driveline, and have our own in-house training curriculum to teach the game the right way and spend the time needed to make sure players understand the correct baseball technique to help them grow their game. Our Motto is DREAM BIG, WORK HARD, & TEAM FIRST!

DREAM Team Baseball Organization has exceptional resources for our players to train them during the offseason and in-season. In Fall '23, we will hold 10 additional Season Training Events for our players in addition to 2-3 team or position practices per week, no other organization works as hard as we do at developing players!! πŸ’― 

*13,500 Baseball Training Center with 9 Cages, Full Agility & Strength Training Area (video tour here:

*3 Rapsodo Training Systems for developing players 

*2 Baseball Fungo Fields and many field practices are at Big League Dreams Mansfield

*1 Mission: Kids Reaching their Dreams & Development Goals in the Game! ⚾πŸ’ͺ

Try out with us, give us a try, & get 10% off of our 6-Week Summer Offseason Training Course: 


If you want a private tryout, please fill out this form below.πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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What is DREAM Team Baseball?

DREAM Team Baseball is about one thing, kids dreaming big! Kids watch & play the game of baseball & many dream of pitching a shut out, hitting a homer, or scoring the winning run...but there's something more to baseball in that it teaches kids incredible life lessons. Dreams can & do come true, BUT baseball teaches life lessons such as discipline, focus and teamwork. At DREAM Team Baseball, our goal is help provide quality instruction, constructive coaching, and outstanding practice facilities & fields to help kids achieve their dreams of growing in the game of baseball.

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DREAM Team Fundamentals

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Measured Hitting Instruction

At DREAM Team, we use "old school" hitting fundamental techniques and combine them with "new school" optical technology including measuring exit speed, total spin, spin access, launch angle, and exit direction. This will show what happens when a player makes contact with the ball which allows our coaches to pinpoint simple adjustments that can be made to see greater results.


Baserunning & Sliding Instruction

At DREAM Team Baseball, there will be practices specifically designed to work on base running & sliding technique, conditioning, and situational base running.

At our Field of Dreams, we'll have bases set up for base running stations to work on reading pick offs, proper takeoff technique, and sliding fundamentals.


Pitching & Coaching Instruction

Both the pitcher and catcher in the game of baseball are crucial positions They require specialized instruction. There is an incredible learning curve for young players to go from coach pitch and then into kid pitch all while mastering these crucial positions. It takes intentional instruction and a focus on good technique (along with reps) to get players more competent in learning these positions.

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Fielding & Catching Instruction

With DREAM Team, we focus on the six "F's" of fielding (feet, field, funnel, fire, & follow. These set the baseline of what good fielding instruction should be.

Not only does DREAM Team focus on the six F's, but we focus on the three B's of fielding. A player must be able to play the baseball hit to them, cover a base or backup another field. 

DREAM Team Leadership


Patrick Moraw

Owner & Program Director



Jonta Brown

Lead Coach & Instructor


Jose Vazquez

Director of Development; MLB Strength Coach



Seth Dunlap

Lead Coach & Instructor


Casey Trammell

Facility & Training Track Manager



Jack Rizzo

Facility Manager

Gear Guide

We know that buying baseball gear can be extremely overwhelming because there are SO many options on the market.  We have created a guide for you in hopes it makes the shopping experience a little bit easier for you and your player.

DREAM Gear Guide

DREAM Team Gear

DREAM Team families can now support their players! Head on over to our DREAM Team Baseball shop and grab your gear today! We have shirts, hoodies, cups and hats all grabs. Click HERE to start shopping today!





DREAM Team in Action!

Family DREAM Center

DREAM Team is owned & operated by Family DREAM Center (founded in 2012) who serves close to 500 students in the area.

Winter Offseason Training!

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