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Baserunning Instruction

Baserunning & Sliding Instruction

Baserunning can be one of the most underrated aspects of understanding the game of baseball. Many games are decided on the base paths and every step and second matter. 

With DREAM Team, every player will learn not only the basics of Baserunning but also proper running technique, how to stride to first base, how to correctly lead off, how to tag up, how to safely slide and pop up to find the ball. It’s vitally important that players gain an insight into the angles and anticipation of running the bases; it only enhances their opportunities to score and enjoy the game within the game.

Baserunning also includes learning how to follow the direction of the base coaches and learn signs that give them situational awareness.

All of the basics of baserunning and even advanced baserunning skills are taught by trained coaching professionals with safety and learning in mind. 

Sliding is also an important aspect of baserunning that is often overlooked; our coaching instruction for sliding includes the reasons behind why you slide in the first place: to evade a tag, to stop at a base, and to break-up a double play.

In conclusion, baserunning and sliding instruction is crucial to young players learning and understanding the "why" behind running the bases and how to effectively advance safely on the basepaths.

Want to Join Our Coaching Staff?

We are always looking for new trainers and coaching staff members to help train youth players. If you have experience and would like to join our team please fill out the coaches applications found in the link below.