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At DREAM Team Baseball and Softball, we are committed to providing the best resources and tools to elevate your child's baseball journey. We are thrilled to introduce you to TeamBuildr, the ultimate app and service we've chosen to power our online training programs. With TeamBuildr, you'll have access to a range of powerful features designed to maximize your child's performance and create an engaging and supportive environment for the entire DREAM Team community.


Discover the Power of TeamBuildr's Key Features


Personalized Workout Calendars


Stay on track with our personalized Workout Calendar feature. Tailored to your child's unique needs and goals, this tool ensures that their training program is optimized for success. With automated scheduling, you'll always know what exercises and activities are coming up. Track their progress and celebrate their achievements as they push towards their full potential.




Reflection and Growth through Journals


This feature encourages self-reflection and growth with TeamBuildr's Journal. Your child can record their thoughts, experiences, and insights from training sessions and games. Set goals, track progress, and share reflections with coaches and teammates, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment. The journal becomes a valuable tool for self-assessment and continuous improvement on the diamond.




Seamless Communication with Messaging


Experience seamless communication at your fingertips with TeamBuildr's Messaging feature. Stay connected with coaches, fellow parents, and teammates through instant messaging. Receive important updates and announcements directly from the coaching staff and engage in meaningful conversations. The Messaging feature ensures that you're always in sync with the latest information and can easily share feedback or ask questions related to DREAM Team Baseball.


Ignite Healthy Competition with the Leaderboard


Inspire healthy competition within DREAM Team Baseball through TeamBuildr's Leaderboard feature. Your child can compare their performance against teammates, track their progress, and earn achievements and badges. This leaderboard fosters camaraderie and a drive for excellence, motivating your child to reach new heights on the field. Celebrate their achievements and witness their growth as they climb up the leaderboard.




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By downloading the TeamBuildr app, you'll have access to these powerful features that will enhance your child's training experience and maximize their potential. We believe that with TeamBuildr, we will be able to provide you with a comprehensive and effective training solution, bringing the entire DREAM Team Baseball community together.

Take the next step towards unlocking your child's full potential on the baseball field. Join us in embracing the power of TeamBuildr and experience the difference it can make in your child's development and success.


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