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Education of a Skill

Skill Concepts

These are the types of concepts and skills that the players will use in the fundamental and skill concept portions of the practice. These can be plugged into either depending on whether the players have learned the concept or are seeing it for the first time. Furthermore, the assessments of the games will be plugged into the fundamental concept after a recap with the coaches and Charlie to plug into the practice plan. Skills can be added and addressed after the concepts on this document are achieved and are able to be regularly executed. Finally, any concept that the players are taught can be readdressed in the fundamental portion of practice. Regular conversations are crucial between the coaches and Charlie so we can effectively plan out practices.



-        Running through first base.

-        Running a double.


-        Fielding a ground ball.

-        Catching a fly ball.

-        Throwing to bases.


-        Hitting a ball in flight.

-        Ball on the tee hitting with backspin.

-        Understanding a ball and a strike.

-        Simulated at bats.



-        Running through first base and chop.

-        Rounding first base.

-        Getting a lead.

-        Secondaries.

-        Stealing a base.

-        Sliding.

- Tagging up.


-        Fielding a ground ball and throw to a base.

-        Fielding a ground ball and throwing to a cut off.

-        Cuts and relays.

-        Turning the first half of a double play.

-        Fly balls.

-        Tag plays.


-        Yes-yes-no hitting.

-        Ball strike identifiers.

-        2-strike hitting.

-        Hitting the outside pitch effectively.



-        1st-3rd.

-        Hit-run.

-        Delay.

-        Stealing first move.


-        Double plays.

-        Cuts and relays.

-        Lead runner.

-        Secondary runners.


-        2 strike approach.

-        Hit-run.

-        Hitting approach.

-        Hitting the pitch away.



-        Delay Steal.

-        Hit-Run.

-        Base stealing against LHP.

-        Reading Pitchers.

-        Anticipation base running.


-        Double Plays.

-        Cuts and Relays.

-        Lead runner.

-        Secondary runner.

-        Trap play.

-        Bunt defense.

-        1st-3rd plays.


-        2 strike approach.

-        Hit-run.

-        Hitting approach.

-        Breaking ball.

-        Situational hitting.

-        Bunting.

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