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DREAM Dance Conservatory


Family D.R.E.A.M. Center is a family-focused center that offers excellent training in the areas of Dance, Recreation, Education, Arts, and Mentoring. (D.R.E.A.M.)  It was founded by Patrick and Rachel Moraw (seen below) and opened in the Spring of 2014.   Rachel Patrick

Patrick and Rachel (and their team) desire to have a facility in the metroplex that offers multiple programs without compromising outstanding professional instruction.

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DREAM Dance Conservatory is our FDC dance department.  DREAM Conservatory is dedicated to keeping a wholesome and value-centered atmosphere, so our music and costuming selections are age-appropriate and parent-approved.  We also strive to maintain the integrity of the true art of dance.  At DREAM Conservatory, we believe that dance is an art form that should be available for all children. 

Dance Classes

DREAM Recreation covers a variety of exciting programs

  • Tumble Lessons
  • Camps

At the Family D.R.E.A.M Center, we understand that exposure to fine arts at an early age increases artistic knowledge, skills, and creativity while enhancing emotional, social, cognitive, and physical development.


DREAM Art offers various fine art lessons/workshops:

  • Piano Lessons 
  • Voice Lessons


DREAM Mentoring provides tools for growing the whole person.  We believe it is important for the mind, body, and spirit to be healthy.  With the media today and the fast-paced stresses/demands on families every day, it is easy to get disconnected and float through our duties.  Through one-on-one family mentoring, seminars, and special workshops, we desire to provide families with some essential equipping tools.  DREAM mentors are highly educated and have tremendous life experiences.

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