FungoMan Fielding Sessions are here in Mansfield with DREAM Team Sports!

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🚨 How would you like your player(s) to take 80 QUALITY fielding reps in 1 hour?! 🚨

We are THRILLED to announce that we will have added the revolutionary FungoMan automated pitching and fielding machine to our training program! This cutting-edge technology is set to take our player development programs to the next level.

With our Fielding Fungo sessions, we use the acronym: 

  • 👣 Feet Moving (Players need to keep their feet moving both pre-pitch and into the point of gloving the ball)
  • 💨 Use Your Momentum (Players need to use momentum when transfering and throwing through to their target)
  • 📈 Number of Quality Reps (Players can get 40 fielding reps per hour)
  • ⚾ Glove through the Ball (Players must work their hands and glove through the ball and catch the ball in their glove index finger)
  • 0 🚫 Eliminate fielding errors with better fielding technique!!

This is the most advanced player development tool on the market today for teaching fielding technique. Coaches can focus on teaching the correct form and not having to hit fungo, players will gain a true competitive edge to go get the ball with this revolutionary machine. Stay tuned for updates on FungoMan sessions and how you can get your fielder enrolled in training sessions leveraging this incredible new tech!